• Join us for a show and Sale at Sovereign House Museum

    We are already planning another show of art and wearable art at Sovereign House Museum, October 2 - 13. We'll have lots of local art, art cards, an...
  • Art shows are back!

    Thank goodness art shows are coming back to Bronte! I will be part of this wonderful show, just outside Walton Memorial Church on Lakeshore / Bro...
  • Happy Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers day to all moms and pet moms out there!
  • A pretty new spring top!

    Spring is starting to make its presence known! I actually saw a few flower buds in my garden on the weekend. We’ve all been hiding indoors for so l...
  • Our Christmas and sample sale continues!

    Our Christmas and sample sale continues on our website. Massive discounts on fashions and accessories, and for the first time we have added art cards to the lineup. From local scenes to abstract designs we have something for everyone
  • Christmas and Sample Sale!!

    Confession: I basically missed the time change this November, until someone pointed it out to me late Sunday afternoon. It became my standard excuse – I just didn’t want to give 2020 another hour! 😊 It has been a tough year! 
  • Welcome to Blueberry Princess!

    Welcome to Blueberry Princess!

    It is just the beginning of January, and the view outside my window is Blah!!!! Grey, dirty white and brown. Enough to get depressed!!!