The Cannabis Preacher, Sermon Two, Paperback edition

The Cannabis Preacher, Sermon Two, Paperback edition

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Book Two in the "Cannabis Preacher" Series of thrillers in the intriguing world of legal Cannabis Manufacturing.

The Cannabis preacher, Sermon Two, a thriller about resurrecting a failed company, navigating love, betrayal, old secrets, and murder.

The biggest grow op in the world is broken, and one man spent a fortune to own all of the pieces. How do you resurrect it? Is it even possible?

Tadeo Ivers has an idea. He forces Rafael to make it happen—or else. Failure will not be accepted.

Rafael fears there's no way to breathe life into the company, no matter how hard he tries.

Every step of the way reveals another obstacle instead of the success he needs. No one is more surprised than Rafael, when amidst all of his efforts, he finds love in the most unusual places right when he wants to give up.

Connor Beauregard is far from anyone's mind, but he never stops wheeling and dealing to get back the company he still calls his own.

Rafael's efforts, his new love, his strange boss, and his former friend collide in a heart-pounding moment, and someone will not see the next day.